White Papers

A PhD-proven researcher will complete a White Paper Plan meeting your needs.

Conduct research on your topic, provide a bibliography of that research, and write a 10-12 page white paper on your topic with completion of your criteria in 3 weeks.


Having trouble getting employers to see your high potential?

Submit your current résumé and our seasoned résumé reader and former corporate interviewer will rewrite your résumé to get you noticed and help improve your interview responses.

Tried promotional copy with disappointing results?

We’ll rewrite it for free just to earn your next promotion!

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Finding it difficult to work with a writer?

We can change that for you!

Actual Words is expanding our business into copywriting.

Choose us because our backgrounds give us experience serving your prospective clients.

  • Students, parents, teachers, school administrators
  • Engineers, project managers, purchasing agents, and managers in manufacturing
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What makes us better?

Our copywriters have experience meeting short-term deadlines while creating excellent products. Today’s business environment requires quickly defining project requirements, knowing industry standards, and swiftly producing the client’s documents.

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