I decided I wanted to move out of Texas. I wanted to get my dream job of an electrical engineer in Alaska. My resume was what I had put together in a during a college course. Connie and Charlie rewrote my resume and I got offers from two companies in Alaska.

Aimee C.

After submitting my resume to over 300 places I still had no job. Connie and Charlie rewrote my resume and I had an interview and a job in two weeks.

Eric R.

I had a resume 9 pages long. Connie and Charlie reworked my resume, got my skills and experiences down to 3 pages. I now have a temporary job and I am still looking for a permanent position.

Bob W.

I was laid off during the petroleum downturn. I was able to get a temporary but long-term position which pays far less than I was earning. After nearly a year of no interest in my resume, Connie and Charlie reworked my resume. Now, I have had 3 companies express interest in me. I have had two phone interviews and one face-to-face interview. Things are looking better.

J. R. W.