Who are we

Connie Mathis Patchett

PhD. Curriculum & Instruction
Senior Copywriter

To optimize SEO location she was advised to change her doctoral dissertation title to: Evaluating Primary Grade-Level Texts for Evidence of Science Information, Quality of Literature, and Elements of Critical Literacy with the Modified analytical Science Trade-Book Rubric. Nearly 200 pages later it was finished and placed in the Library of Congress.

Despite the lengthy title above, her specialization in copy-writing is in eliminating unnecessary words. Educators want extensive descriptions but the rest of the world wants to read as little as possible. KISS: Keep It Strategically Short is her motto.

Her extensive work in research and white paper development brings you the expertise needed to reach prospects and raise your bottom line. Her niches are resumes, advertising emails, web page copy, direct mail and search engine optimization.

Certificates in elementary classroom teaching, general special education, and reading let me write copy for your educational products and services. My doctoral dissertation evaluated science trade books to support science learning in elementary grades. I write white papers, direct mail, emails, and landing copy.
Connie Patchett

Charlie Patchett

BS Chemical Engineering

Holds engineering licenses in three states. He has specializations in project management, fire safety, and potable water.

His niches are B2B, B2C, SEO, writing resumes, interview coaching, and CEU training for his areas of specialization. He has interviewed many candidates during his years of supervision and knows why interviewers eliminate resumes and what attracts their eyes to prospective hires.

As a licensed engineer, working in herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, food-grade products, plastics for prosthetic medical devices, petrochemicals, fire safety, potable water, and project management, I have the vocabulary to reach your prospective clients. I write direct mail, emails, and SEO
Charlie Patchett